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Resolution on Bilingual Education. (1999). Retrieved November 13, 2016, from http://www.ncte.org/positions/statements/bilingualeducation

I decided to look for this source because it is very relevant to me. I am a bilingual student and instructor. According to this article on the NCTE website, the position of the article is to fix a problem that began with the 1998 vote to use English only in teaching English. The NCTE aims to have the best methods to teaching the English language, and sometimes this includes facilitating learning using the first language of the learner. This resolution is a response to Proposition 227 which proposed to teach English using English and only English.

The interests served, of course, are those of the ESL speakers and their parents – so that their transition into the English-speaking society would be as smooth and welcoming as possible. This impacts ESL teachers all over the United States because it binds them to no longer use familiar methods of teaching if they are teaching in culturally relevent institutes. What I mean is Spanish speakers using Spanish as the language to learn English in a learning place that targets Spanish-speaking people. The resolution proposed is very direct and targets ESL speakers and bilingual education.

It was a very short article, but the resolution it presented is strong and, hopefully, legally binding for the better.


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