A-Z Challenge – B is for… nananananananana nanananananana Batman!

Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice

There are two main themes in this film: the first implies that people should not judge without knowledge and, although revenge is implied, the second evolves around the theme of justice and its immortality. As Superman and Batman meet the first time, Batman does not know nor listen to the story Superman has to say. He did know that without Superman, everything could have ended a long time ago. All he knew that Superman was what he saw when he saw destruction – like the angry, ignorant many. By the end, he saves Martha. This shows that when someone or something is trying to communicate a truth or a connection, that they should be listened to and understood because they can not only explain, but determine fates.

For the second theme, the film cuts close on revenge as we see young Bruce Wayne lost his family members and then his corporation. We see many close ups of his expressions of anger and frustration as well as fear and shock. The film makes us believe that Batman was created out of the need for revenge, but the real reason is that Bruce does not want anymore evil corrupting the innocent. In reality, it is justice for all more so than revenge for Bruce.

In the end, sand levitates off Superman’s coffin implying that justice is stronger than death. Superman, like justice, never dies, as long as others believe in it and seek it. This is some kind of reference to both previous themes. First is, everyone assumes he is dead and do not know the fact that he still has life/power within him – it is just weakened by the corruption that Luther created to bring him down – just like justice is weakened by corruption in a system – it is still there! Second is that although it seems like Superman (justice) died for … justice, he did not because, like it, he transcends death as long as people need him.

The cities that are destroyed in the realm symbolize the destruction that corruption brings. It is like a bad apple in a barrel.. some apples around it will go bad because of physical proximity alone. It is only humanity’s hope that corruption does not reach a point where things become irreparable – when the whole barrel is rotten



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    Hessah, I like what you did but you had a few amateur (no offense) spelling mistakes. Recheck your post and update it! Btw I expected you to this so next post will have to be harder!

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