Why Arab Women Might Think American Women have It GREAT in Education…

There are many reasons why.. but here is a personal experience:

“Why are you the only one without your hair covered?” the instructor said the first time I walked into the classroom on my first day at Kuwait University. I was shocked that this was the first thing someone utters to me at the university level. I looked around, just to confirm that I was the only one. There was nothing I could have said as I found my seat. “No,” the professor said as I sat down, pointing at me. I paused and looked at him, not entirely sitting. His hand move to point at the back. “Only women with their hair covered can sit in the front.” I went to sit at the back of the classroom. Even my grades suffered because I was not conforming.

While pursuing higher education in the United States, I encountered many who believe that women do not have it easy, even in education. I simply do not see it. All I see is slackers right and left not knowing the true gem of an opportunity that they are being offered. Colleagues and students who do not care for failing is something to account for – specially the women who claim they want it better! I hope that someday elite education at all levels is more appreciated where it is very accessible. I wish for more women doers in history.

This post is similar to a mother saying, “don’t play with your food, some child in Africa is starving!”


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